Two New Artists and Two New Comics

The Petite Symphony team continues to grow with two awesome artists: Jass and Virka. Just like those before them, they’ve shown they have what it takes to join our team: skill, promise, fun, and bringing me cookies and tea whenever I need (arguably the most important of all).

Rolling out on Fridays is Jass with Djandora

Djandora; This is the story of Djeneba.. focusing on just a part her story, right in the middle of a much longer epic. Djeneba wants to understand portions of her fractured past. A past that as she explores winds up dictating her future, and consigns her to a dismal destiny. She will face this fate, to challenge it, to survive, and reforge her own path.

Making a move on Sundays is Virka with Seed

Dominique grew up with the Atrier tribe, a tribe proficient within the magical arts. She was found at a very young age and has no recollection of her past.

Be sure to give them a grand hello and cakes. You can just leave the cakes on my desk though. I’ll make sure they get them…no really *cough*

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