All new comic -Heid, and Orange Grind returns!

Joining the Petite Symphony team is the talented Scarlet with a brand new comic rolling out on Saturdays!

“It’s not an escape. It’s temporary relief. Until reality catches back up and takes you for a triple Rolling German Suplex. It’s too late to hide your footsteps.”

Be sure to head over and give Scarlet a warm welcome and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies (because whatever Scarlet doesn’t eat, I’ll sneak off with).

And during our renovations to the site, we inadvertently ran several high pressure water lines through Megawolf and Neutrino’s rooms with pipes that weren’t rated for high pressure. So, things got a little wet. But, we worked hard, put down some new carpeting, slapped on some new paint, and Orange Grind is ready for action once more!

We’re not done yet, we still have more planned. So be sure to check back and see what else we have coming in the near future.

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