New Interactive Comic – Chimaera High

You find yourself in a dark, endless void. It doesn’t feel that cold, yet you cannot help but shiver as you look around nervously. The situation feels… disturbingly familiar.

Please suggest a course of action.

PetiteSymphony’s newest comic by Ethan Qix will feature a story written in part by the readers.  Come and help shape the future of this story!


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As many of you have probably already noticed, Godai has started up another regular comic to post on Sundays. Join Rushana, Hawke, and Moon as they travel across the galaxy tracking down shards of a magical talisman in KnuckleUp!

Also, Year of the Cow has been moved to hiatus for the time being while Simon and Dew tackle some life events. We’ll keep you posted on updates of it’s return to active status.

^_^ /)

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