Petite Symphony is now Comics Break

The change in domains is to help us move away from being a simple comic site and allow us to become a community built around comics.  Interactions, in the past, have been limited to commenting on individual comic pages.

With the new site you can now Register for an account, participate in groups related to each comic and earn points usable towards rewards and eventually get badges for participating in the community.

Come join us on the brand new site



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New Interactive Comic – Chimaera High

You find yourself in a dark, endless void. It doesn’t feel that cold, yet you cannot help but shiver as you look around nervously. The situation feels… disturbingly familiar.

Please suggest a course of action.

PetiteSymphony’s newest comic by Ethan Qix will feature a story written in part by the readers.  Come and help shape the future of this story!


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